Sunday, June 14, 2009

very last day. tragic!

okay. this is a picture of me and my parents in London at Trafalgar Square when I was little.

today i made it my mission to go take this picture! My grandparents have this picture hanging in their house, along with pictures of my other aunts and uncles in the same position at the same booth. so..its super hot today. and super humid. not a fun combination. but sam and i set out in trafalgar square in search of this telephone booth. we had the original picture on my ipod to make positive certain that we had the right one. so we ran around sweaty trafalgar square for a good 15 minutes trying to find it. we finally realized that a new tree had been planted when they redid the square and it hid the telephone booth and the street sign and the monument. so. here is my attempt at the picture. sad. but i promise its the same booth. i was so disappointed!!

today was also the day that i picked to wear flip flops all day... nasty huh?

classic telephone booth... :] so fun.

most of the group went to st. pauls cathedral for a choral eucharist today. it was a really neat experience. i really enjoyed seeing the choir. the little boys were so adorable! this place is so amazingly beautiful inside. i wish they let us take pictures! its so pretty.

this time tomorrow i will be landing in atlanta! USA here i come!


Kayli said...

That's awesome you found the same booth! I tried to recreate a picture from when I was little...but it didn't work very well.

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

you are too cute..I love that you found the same booth! that picture of you and your parents is CLASSIC..i've always wanted a picture by a tele booth like that!

Beth said...

haha That's way cute you found the same booth! Awesome family tradition. You are BACK! Text/call me sometime when you're not extremely busy with wedding plans. (Which, by the way, I'd be more than willing to help with anytime.)